Conventional mail, direct marketing, press, word of mouth … Clearly the form of communication in the world which we live in today, it doesn’t look like existing 10 or 20 years ago.

The overall socialization that has emerged in the digital environment has also revolutionized communication and branding for companies, asking ourselves, Is there really a company if it is not on the internet and social networks?

Thanks to Internet  there is no distance between customer and company. There is a need for connection and communication between them and also doing good strategies can be very beneficial for both parties. While branding formerly limited to a monologue expressed in conventional media (B2C), today it is more important interaction and conversation brand-customer (B & C).

Social media has opened a channel full of possibilities where one side meets the information needs of users and on the other the knowledge of customers by the brand. Also offers a host of advantages in terms of formats and distribution of communication content.

What my audience like? What is their lifestyle? What can I improve my product / service? What image they have of my brand?

Behind all this questions there must be a clear strategy:

  1. What is my goal?
    1. Increase sales.
    2. Attract new customers.
    3. Retain customers.
    4. Change the perception or image of my brand.
  2. How is my audience?
  3. What will be the term, medium or long term?
  4. What means are appropriate?
  5. What investment do?
  6. How to measure the return on my investment?

Once you have answered all these questions, a common goal that should have all strategies, is to create a positive experience with users, ie, once entered in the strategy, one must be aware that supposed to be on the ball in it .

Profiles in the outdated networks, not request to comments, give devalued brand image with excessive self-promotion, not reveal useful and relevant information, etc significantly impair an image that hard in many cases can be solved.

From what no doubt, is that for years most companies have joined and launched major campaigns, but only a few get benefit from all these advantages.


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