NC Quick Pass to link with widely used E Drivers with an NC Quick Pass soon will be able to use the transponder in states that accept E ZPass, the most widely used electronic toll collection system in the country. The North Carolina Department of Transportation announced the change Thursday, saying the agreement was struck to provide greater convenience for customers. nike air max pas cher E ZPass holders will also be able to use their transponders in North Carolina. air max 2017 wit “I am very proud that North Carolina is the first state to implement an agreement of this kind with E ZPass,” state Secretary of Transportation Gene Conti said in a statement. “This allows our customers the freedom to travel on many tolling roads with the same ease as traveling at home.” E ZPass is prevalent across the myriad of toll roads in the mid Atlantic and Northeast. Nike Air Max Norge Nettbutikk Sko It is now used by 25 agencies in 15 states, including Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, New Jersey and Maine. “This is an exciting day for the people in 15 states and a monumental business agreement for the tolling industry,” E ZPass Group Executive Director PJ Wilkins said. nike air max 2017 goedkoop Correcting wrong specs on I40W headed away from RDU towards Chapel Hill cost taxpayers how much money and time and aggravation? And everyone remember the original ONE LANE exit from I540W to 40W? Whoever designed and approved that should have been fired. And what about the lane shifting and ultimately useless lane at I40W into Raleigh at US70?? Ever had to merge onto I540W from Triangle Town Center on a busy day? And a single lane exit from I540W onto US70N? That intersection in whole is a nightmare at rush hours. And why is the resurfaced I540 from Capital Blvd out to RDU bumpier and rougher than the original surface? I am always amazed at the comments from the public that attack government without really understanding the complexities of the many responsibilities that government is charged with. NCDOT is full of highly competent engineers that try very hard to do things the right way safely, efficiently,fairly, etc. Very few decisions are as politically driven as many believe. NCDOT is a governmental agency whose funding comes from the public through the General Assembly. So by its nature it has to be politically connected. However, engineering decisions are made by engineers not politicians. oakley femme pas cher Take the time to learn more about what they do, why they do it, and how things are done. NCDOT has the largest road system in country and they do a tremendous job given the many constraints that exist. Joe Montana Jerseys Thanks NCDOT! Regarding the repaving of I 40 from Exits 293 301, the underlying concrete pavement is crumbling due to alkali silica reactivity (ASR). This is a national problem with concrete that was utilized years ago. Russell Wilson Jerseys Several years ago NCDOT placed a layer of asphalt over the crumbling concrete to protect the traveling public until the project could be developed to totally replace the old problematic pavement. This problem is NOT a failure of NCDOT to do things correctly. It was an unknown issue that has developed over time. NCDOT is really trying to do the right thing to protect the traveling public and ensure that the road is repaired correctly. Nike Air Max 2017 E ZPass was not used in the beginning because it was not interoperable with cheap jerseys states south of NC. NC wanted a system with full interoperability. NC forced the issue with E ZPass and negotiated a special agreement which makes NC unique in its ability to utilize the different technologies that exist to provide for electronic toll collection. cheap nike trainers uk These folks worked hard to make this happen. This is government working very hard to make the best system possible. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames Give them some credit for actually knowing what they are doing.

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